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Our webinar describes important features of the reviews.




Target Rent Range -
Where the largest concentration of renters is found.

Expected Returns - From renting (cash on cash) and from equity appreciation. High, Medium, Low.

Risk - Future falling prices or insufficient rent. High, Medium, Low.

Paragraph 1 - Investment Strategies.

Paragraph 2 -The Local Economy.

Paragraph 3 - Investment Risk.

Three Essential Charts show trends in Home Prices, Job Growth, and the match of home prices to the 'income' price - to see if a market is OVER-PRICED.

Current average Home Price and monthly Rent - and our 3-year Forecast for each.

Positive and Negative features of the current situation in plain language.






County Sub-Markets

For Metro Markets that have county sub-markets we show the Target Rent Range, Home Prices, Rents and the Ratio, our 3-year Forecast for each, and the increase in Jobs in the past 2 years.

The 2-year Job Growth is an important way to compare sub-markets for the strength of demand for housing - for both homes and rentals.